What kind of fabric is wire drawing?

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  Drawing fabric is used in making underwear series, so it is elastic, brushed fabric looks very sense of metal, a kind of high-grade imported fabrics, color also looks very dazzlingly beautiful, with moisture absorption, perspiration, anti-skid and other functions. So, how to clean the underwear is the cleanest?

  Washing machine inside the drainage wall is often filled with chips and dirt, so as to breed bacteria, inevitably will be infected with underwear in the laundry process, and dry cleaning detergent is mostly four vinyl chloride, and so on, is also harmful to human health.

  That is, the use of washing machine washing, the separation must also be separated. The clothes of each person should be washed separately, at least to separate the clothes of the children and the adults; the healthy people and the patients' clothes are separated; the underwear and the clothes are separated.

  After washing the clothes, the clothes should be fully exposed in a ventilated, dry and sunny place. It is very important for bacteria to survive at more than 55 degrees Celsius.


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