Four reasons for the bras up

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  1. The bottom is too big.

  When we measure the bust when data tape should not only loosely around a circle, but maintain a slightly tight state; remember, this is "tight" and you can accept more comfortable degree, bought a new bra, the back button should be from a list of the edge of the buckle, when the end around loose, then gradually inward, and not for the first time to wear on the inner buckle, if a bra to wear for a long time, the medial column buckle feel loose and move it, is to remind you of the buy new bras!

  2. The cup is too shallow

  This situation often occurs in the conical and hemispherical breast shape, or plump women, when the cup is too shallow, unable to complete hold your chest bra will be with the action you move greatly, which leads to a series of problems such as the strap slipping, suggested that this part of the female, in the purchase of the bra, to choose their own breasts, not to pursue a career line selection is not suitable for their own shallow cup.

  3. Shoulder straps are too tight

  The straps to pulling effect, but some women in order to more "forceful", will be adjusted too tight, not too tight, the strap will not only bring harm to the shoulder, will lead to running on the right bra, adjustable shoulder strap, should be able to accommodate a finger, you can re adjust their strap oh!

  4. The chest profile is not clear

  This in addition to natural disc type chest, mostly due to unreasonable "in Months and years pass by. ultra thick Cup underwear, chest part squeezed cup thickened parts, resulting in thoracic contour gradually blurred, range of motion, it is easy to move the bra, suggest that you can buy 3/4 Cup underwear replacement in the bathroom, can take advantage of every opportunity, the cup ran out of meat back.


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