What is the general fabric of a bra?

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  What is the general fabric of a bra? The bra is the body of clothing that directly contacts the skin of the human body. It can be said that they are closely related to our health. And a large part of its quality is determined by its material, and today we will come to understand the material used to make the bra. The materials used in the common bra in our market are as follows:

  1, cotton (Cotton): sweat, air permeability, strong warmth, wearing comfortable feeling, easy dyeing and printing, suitable for girls underwear, create youth breath. In recent years, manufacturers also like to blend cotton with all kinds of fibers. Adding chemical fiber to the cotton, especially for adjusted underwear, not only has the effect of supporting, but also will not be muggy.

  2, silk (Silk): touch, material is good, no static electricity, but also suck sweat, breathable. The only drawback is not good cleaning, washing must use hand very gently wash or dry clean.

  3, spandex (Polyurethane): more flexible, more elastic than rubber, often used as chest buckle, so as to prevent the body from twisting when it is too tight.

  4, Niron (Nylon): Niron's material is strong and can't deform, and most of the bra straps are made for material.

  5, Leka (Lycra): the quality of Leka, which feels like rubber, is characterized by its elasticity, comfort and supporting force. It makes underwear more intimate, not easy to aliasing, and is not prone to wrinkles. Its fine and thin texture and excellent elasticity. 

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